FinSafe - FinJan

The bottom of the pyramid is where financial prudence matters the most.  They are unable to save due to lack of money and everyday needs. They are severely affected during times of need like medical expenses, marriage of children, school fees etc. Can we make them reflect and plan savings? And also inform them about the numerous government schemes that are made for people like them? FinSafe has gleaned all the necessary information into a course. How do we deliver this information to the target audience in a simple and impactful way?


This segment has no financial or psychological bandwidth to consume information about schemes or pontification about the virtues of saving.  It also needs to be extremely simple and land without seeming judgmental or evoking despondency or cynicism.  How do we creatively solve this?


Comedy makes things bearable, simple and engaging. We used dark humor to deliver this vital information to the TG. A short film tells the story of our hero who lives his life squandering his money. A comic hyperbole of the lives of most of our TG. One day his own future version comes back and takes him to task for having led such a financially unplanned life.  This incredible and funny glimpse into his own future makes him take a course correction. All the information and schemes were covered through this short film.



We have worked with Jay ( Applied Wonder) on 2 projects and had a very good experience. Jay and his team are very professional and have an attention to detail. I enjoyed working with them because of the different ideas that they gave and they have created very good animated movies with the right messaging. They are also open to feedback and suggestions and delivered our project as per the timelines. I also liked the fact that they were open about their reservations on any particular point. I would definitely recommend Jay and his team to any one interested in developing GREAT content.

Mrin Agarwal-Director, Finsafe