FinSafe - FinSmart


Young working professionals are new to the world of earning. There is money coming in and there are a hundred distractions and possibilities for expenditure. They neither have the inclination, the social incentive nor the knowledge to save in a planned way. Can we reach them this invaluable life knowledge at source, during college even before they have developed their financial behavior in a knowledge vacuum? FinSafe have created a comprehensive course to do just this. How do we deliver this to the Millenials?


The information on saving schemes, mutual funds, ELSS, term insurance etc. is complex, mundane and didactic. The audience neither has the attention span nor the motivation to sit through a course. How do we make it palatable and engaging for the target audience?


We created a comic animated show of 8 episodes that revolves around Paddy a young happy millennial who spends and lives his life without much forethought about the future, his smart girlfriend Tina and a Genie called FinJin whose lamp Paddy acquires by accident. FinJin is an unconventional genie whose own private aspiration was to become a chartered accountant or financial advisor but was forced to carry on the family ‘genie’ tradition.  In each episode we cover one key aspect of financial course via FinJin’s financial expertise and through some unexpected situational chaos.



We have worked with Jay ( Applied Wonder) on 2 projects and had a very good experience. Jay and his team are very professional and have an attention to detail. I enjoyed working with them because of the different ideas that they gave and they have created very good animated movies with the right messaging. They are also open to feedback and suggestions and delivered our project as per the timelines. I also liked the fact that they were open about their reservations on any particular point. I would definitely recommend Jay and his team to any one interested in developing GREAT content.

Mrin Agarwal – Director-FinSafe