Pristine is an organic food brand that was started by a food nutritionist who got inspired to go down the organic path by Fukoka’s ‘One Straw Revolution’. The brand and all its manifestations didn’t reflect these rich origins at all. They were much like the numerous other organic food brands and had no authentic personality or uniqueness. The organic food market is crowded with brands which all look more or less the same. They all follow the earthy codes of brown and green.


How do we make Pristine, an organic food manufacturer and micronutrient supplier, stand out from not just organic food brands, but also the conventional? How do we dip into its rich, unique foundations and translate it into an authentic brand experience?


The conventional food brands talk about the science of nutrition – 23 vitamins and Iron Shakti etc. The organic food brands talk about natural nutrition – without pesticides etc. However, customers are seeking the best of both worlds – yoga and gym, allopathy and Ayurveda. Pristine could come to stand for that – a friendly, inclusive expert of nutrition who balances both worlds of science and nature.


Every element of the brand from packaging, website, brochure, stationery was redesigned based on this brand perspective.