Parag Prasannan

He is a Computer Science Engineer by degree but moved into the world of film making following his interests in drawing, movies, photography etc rather than being stuck in a cubicle kind of a job doing a robotic task of programming and coding. Animation was a mode of escaping to another world where he could work around his line of passion. His forte is flash 2D animation and he is responsible for bringing over 70 short films to life. He handles design and Animation at Applied Wonder.

He is an ultimate team man and can chip in with help on almost any area, come a rainy day. In addition he can handle photoshop, premier and a host of allied softwares. Every film that we have made has a significant contribution from Parag.

Some of the brands he has worked on are – White Swan Foundation, TATA Trusts, TDU, Lifebuoy, IISc, Greenpeace, Wipro, Swiss Aid foundation, IRFT, Redhat Linux, Shufflr, Janaagraha, BAIF, Care hospitals, ILFS etc.

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