Janaagraha - I change my city

A introductory launch video for the ichangemycity app and website. It uses kinetic typography and screen capture to
create an engaging short that distills the key proposition and a clear how to in one crisp film.


Their focus on the social sector clients indicates their longer-term vision and commitment to the nascent communication needs of the sector. We are delighted by the work that they (Jay Krishnan and Parag Prasannan) did for Janaagraha’s newly released ichangemycity.com . They encapsulated a complex user proposition into a very engaging 5 minute video, using simple graphics and site screen shots. The organisation distinguishes itself with a rare ability to combine creativity with the application of sophisticated thought about the product or brand that they are engaged with.

Swati Ramanathan  Co-Founder, Janaagraha Center for Citizenship & Democracy