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Leprechauns run our business we only come to work.

Once upon a time, we followed the rabbit down the hole hoping we could craft an agency that used creativity for social change. It seemed like a foolish journey to undertake, a journey that could leave us hungry and disillusioned. Over the course of more than a decade of work through our earlier avatar Centre of Gravity Creative, we have had an incredible voyage. Almost spiritual and transformative, some days were euphoric and some days bordered on near death.  It made us wander outside our comfort zone, not like high decibel achievers, but rather like dusty foot philosophers. It taught us about human beings, about design, about the state of the world and nature, about art, about behavioural science, about things that needed to be fixed in society, even about the difference between turnover and profits!

It even gave us unexpected gifts. It told us that even a small place could create big impact, like the mythical butterfly effect. That trying to be good and trying to be profitable need not be at loggerheads. That if we truly dip deeply into our own human truth, creative ideas that emerge invariably cannot go wrong. After all, each of us is all of us. It honed our skills and taught us to be hard-nosed with our creative flights, frugal with our resources, empathetic with our ideation and grounded with our efforts.

Applied Wonder brings together the learnings, both personal and professional, gleaned from this journey into a considered offering. At the core, it simply continues to be an attempt to do what we love, in a way that is good for us and the world. Like all seekers, we pursue this dream where we are always arriving.

Our Team

Behavior change Architect, Founder, Creative Director - Jay Krishnan

Jay Krishnan Menon

Founder & Creative Director
Creative Head, Filmmaker - Parag Prasannan - Applied Wonder, Bangalore

Parag Prasannan

Creative Director & Filmmaker

Avijit Singh


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