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White Swan Foundation

The White Swan Foundation works in the area of mental health. They are on a mission to change the mental health landscape in India through education and active engagement with patients, caregivers and society at large. A landscape, where misinformation and stigma don’t prevent people from accessing better mental healthcare.


The information on saving schemes, mutual funds, ELSS, term insurance etc. is complex, mundane and didactic. The audience neither has the attention span nor the motivation to sit through a course. How do we make it palatable and engaging for the target audience?

Mental health is a conspiracy of silence. A black box that is sealed in by stigma, apathy, misinformation and fear. The only way to change this landscape is by actively engaging with not just patients and caregivers but the larger community and getting reciprocal engagement and reflection from them.


Mental health becomes more accessible through creative discourse and the aesthetisation of the discourse on mental health. We aid the continuous efforts of the foundation through design and creative support that can make it more accessible to the general public.

Campaign 1: Moving Minds

Campaign design on Mental Health, White Swan - Applied Wonder

Campaign 2 : Exam Fever

Campaign 3 : Womans mental health

Campaign 4 : New Year Resolution 2017 posters

Campaign 5 : Body shaming

Campaign 6 : Recruitment campaign

Campaign 7 : Old age

Outcome (from Manoj's PPT)